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Icon Laser Specialist

Ricarda Benz, MD

Gynecologist & Laser Aesthetic Specialist located in Fullerton, CA

Skin damage is a hard fact of aging, and many women may not be aware of the solutions available to them as wrinkles increase or sun damage worsens. Dr. Ricarda Benz has recently implemented Icon™ laser into her practice in Fullerton, California, serving the Orange County and surrounding areas. Icon technology treats a variety of skin-related issues that are linked to aging and other life events. As a specialist in gynecology and laser aesthetics, Dr. Benz and her team are committed to providing patients with the latest technological advances in their services.

Icon Laser Q & A

What is Icon™ laser?

Icon laser, the only FDA-cleared laser to treat stretch marks, is an advanced skin treatment technology that aims to reduce a variety of skin issues, especially those faced by women as they age. The treatment can help reduce wrinkles, reduce unwanted hair, erase stretch marks and scarring from trauma or surgery, minimize sun damage, and address leg veins. The technology works by implementing fractional skin resurfacing, which can also help reduce signs of acne scars or blotches on the skin.

How does Icon laser work?

Laser skin resurfacing works by erasing skin cells in layers, leaving new skin cells that form in the healing process. This creates younger, healthier looking skin, which in turn reduces unwanted blemishes or scars.

The technology works by combining two lasers, which provide much faster results in patients. While it is a powerful treatment, it‘s minimally invasive, so recovery is fast. Dr. Benz is experienced in laser aesthetics and noninvasive treatments.

How long do Icon laser procedures take?

Because the technology treats so many different skin conditions, procedure times may vary. If part of the face is being treated, it may take less than an hour. However, if the full face or large portions of skin elsewhere are receiving treatment, procedures could take up to a couple hours.

Some patients will need to revisit Dr. Benz three or four times to see complete results, but noticeable results are likely with this treatment after the first visit. Icon laser does provide fast results thanks to the combination of laser technology, so procedure times may vary.

If you are interested in learning more about Icon laser and the types of skin conditions this technology can treat, get in touch with the team at Ricarda Benz, MD. Dr. Benz is experienced in several different types of minimally invasive surgeries and is committed to providing the best results for patients quickly and efficiently. You will most likely need to visit the offices for a personal consultation before undergoing Icon laser procedures so that staff can properly assess your skin and make sure it is safe to provide you with this service.

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