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MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Revitalization Specialist

Ricarda Benz, MD

Gynecologist & Laser Aesthetic Specialist located in Fullerton, CA

MonaLisa Touch® is a minimally-invasive and pain-free laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. It can help alleviate the menopausal symptoms of vaginal atrophy, pain during intercourse, and other issues that women may experience. Dr. Ricarda Benz in Fullerton, California, is a gynecologist and laser aesthetic specialist who is ready to help her patients overcome problems like vaginal atrophy and intimacy issues in the easiest way possible, with no surgery needed. Schedule your appointment today by calling the office or booking a time online.

MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Revitalization Q & A

What types of problems can the MonaLisa Touch help?

MonaLisa Touch vaginal rejuvenation can help with a number of issues. It's most commonly used in premenopausal and menopausal women, and it's also an effective treatment for women experiencing gynecological issues following childbirth. Some of the symptoms that MonaLisa Touch treatment can help with include:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Recurrent bladder infections
  • Recurrent vaginal infections
  • Vulvar-vaginal itching and burning
  • Symptoms associated with lichen sclerosus

When should you consider MonaLisa Touch vaginal rejuvenation?

If you experience symptoms like vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and vaginal atrophy due to menopause or childbirth, this may be the right treatment for you. MonaLisa Touch is designed to relieve problematic symptoms in an entirely noninvasive way. Although MonaLisa Touch treatment can alleviate laxity problems and restore elasticity, it's not a surgical procedure. Patients who are looking for a major structural change in the appearance of the vaginal tissue may not be well-suited for this particular treatment.

What is the MonaLisa Touch treatment like?

The MonaLisa Touch treatment is done right in Dr. Benz’s office. There is no anesthesia needed, and it's rare for patients to experience discomfort during the treatment. A vaginal probe is inserted into the patient’s vagina, and delivers gentle, virtually painless laser energy to the vaginal wall. This stimulates a healing response and prompts your body to start making new collagen and elastin over time.

Both collagen and elastin tend to be lost with age and childbirth, but the MonaLisa Touch can encourage the body to create replacement collagen and elastin. This, in turn, allows for significant symptom relief. The session takes only a few minutes, and you can return home immediately afterward.

Dr. Benz also incorporates laser treatment of the external vulvar tissue if needed, allowing her to personalize the treatment to your individual needs and ensure you obtain optimal results.

How many treatments will you need?

The majority of patients require a total of three treatments for optimal results. Treatment sessions are typically six weeks apart. Most patients see results after the first treatment, and they get better and better with each subsequent treatment session.* Once the desired improvements are achieved, patients should have annual maintenance treatments for best results. 

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*Individual results may vary.