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Women's Health Specialist

Ricarda Benz, MD

Gynecologist & Laser Aesthetic Specialist located in Fullerton, CA

Women's health and wellness is an important -- but all too often neglected -- area. For a woman to enjoy her best health, regular appointments with Dr. Ricarda Benz at Ricarda Benz, MD in Fullerton, California, can be extremely helpful. Dr. Benz offers a comprehensive women's health and wellness program including cardiovascular screening and regular gynecological care to help women achieve and maintain the best health possible. Call the office or use our convenient online booking tool today to schedule your appointment.

Women's Health Q & A

How often should cardiovascular screening be done?

Cardiovascular screening is an important part of health and wellness for all women today. Wellness is a dynamic process that changes with age and is influenced by genetics and lifestyle. Learning the current state of your wellness helps you set goals and empowers you to make healthy choices for a healthier life.

Dr. Benz offers a thorough assessment of your risk for cardiovascular disease and illness by checking several things, including:

  • Your weight and body mass index (BMI)
  • Blood pressure
  • Comprehensive cardiovascular lab work through Boston Heart Diagnostics or the lab of your choice. This includes a cholesterol panel, metabolic and glucose testing, thyroid hormone levels, and other hormones, as well as genetic risk factors for blood clotting and cardiovascular disease.
  • Carotid screening ultrasound
  • Coronary calcium scores

Based on the results of these tests, Dr. Benz establishes personalized recommendations including dietary changes, supplements, and medications, if indicated. She incorporates a Lifeplan to assist you in achieving your goals. She gives you the opportunity to work closely with dietitians to help you meet your nutrition and diet goals. Many patients have found this program to be life changing.

How often is a gynecological checkup needed?

Most women need to have gynecological checkups at least once a year. If you've experienced reproductive system issues in the past, it may be necessary to see Dr. Benz more often than that to make sure you don't experience a recurrence of the issue.

What is included in a gynecological checkup?

A gynecological checkup includes two primary components: the pelvic examination and the clinical breast exam.

During the pelvic exam, Dr. Benz checks your overall reproductive health by evaluating the uterus, the cervix, and all female organs. This exam isn't painful, and no anesthesia is needed. You may also need a Pap smear during the pelvic exam. This quick test checks for the presence of abnormal cells within the cervix and can help prevent cervical cancer via early detection.

During the clinical breast exam, Dr. Benz palpates the breast tissue to check for overall breast health. If any areas of potential concern are noted, she may recommend a mammogram. Patients 40 years of age and older should have mammograms on a regular basis, whether they have breast abnormalities or not.

What type of information does the gynecologist need from you?

To give you the best possible care, Dr. Benz needs some information from you during your women's health exams. This includes:

  • Details of menstrual cycle, including the frequency of your period and any unusual aspects of the flow or other symptoms
  • Details of birth control, including the type of birth control used and how it's used
  • List of current medications, including natural supplements and over-the-counter drugs

Don't be afraid to be honest with Dr. Benz regarding your health. She's here to help in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way.

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